2020 Brownie Spider Challenge

THANK YOU to everyone who donated to the 2020 Brownie-Spider Annual Fund Challenge. Congratulations to the Brownies on their victory.
We are so grateful for all of you -- Brownies and Spiders!!

Update: Thank you to everyone who has already donated to the 2020 Brownie-Spider Annual Fund Challenge! We have reached our dollar goal thanks to your generosity. But, we're not done, yet! In a demonstration of unity and "thriving together," a generous Spider alumna and a generous Brownie alumna have come together to pledge $10,000 if we can get a total of 50 more Spiders and Brownies to donate to the Challenge! That will bring our total to 200 donors for the Challenge.

St. Timothy's campus is awash in brown, red, green and white. In celebration of Brownie-Spider, we invite you – our alumnae, parents, grandparents, staff, faculty and friends – to participate in our annual fund challenge. 

The 2020 Brownie-Spider Challenge goal is to raise $40,000 for the Annual Fund and to encourage participation from the entire St. Timothy's community.  You may make your gift by clicking on the "Make A Gift" button on this website until 11 a.m. on November 21 – the official start time of the Brownie-Spider Game. The winning team will be announced after the game during the Closing Ceremonies.

Consider a gift in support of your team – Brownie or Spider – as the St. Timothy’s community vies to see which team will raise the most in donations and have the most participation! All funds raised will support the Annual Fund, St. Timothy’s annual giving campaign, and a vital part of the School’s finances. Because of our generous supporters, we will thrive together through these challenging times as we continue our important work of helping our students become capable leaders and indispensable citizens.

We kicked off Brownie-Spider with Battle for the Bell -- congratulations to the Spiders on their victory. Click here to see some photos.

Next up, St. Timothy's Director of Grounds and Horticulture Mr. Dickmyer is back with another serene and beautiful slide show of campus. This time he's showcasing St. Timothy's in the fall, featuring some of the landmarks and plants special to our campus.

Our St. Timothy’s parent ambassadors shared their spirit and are ready to lead their teams to victory!

Speaking of team spirit, check out this special video from your Brownie and Spider captains.

The students from the Future Alumnae Leadership Council present ... The ABCs of the Brownie-Spider Annual Fund Challenge

Brownie-Spider Giving Goal
(Amount Raised: $129,101)


Anonymous (B)
Anonymous (S) x2
Cara Aaron F/S (B)
Mary-Virginia Lindemann Adams '83 (B)
Brianna Aldridge F/S (S)
Elizabeth Alley '89 (B)
Spindrift Beck Al Swaidi '70 (B)
James Ash (B)
Richard Ash P'23 (B)
Tycho and Halley Ash (B)
Nina Koven Arnett '80 (B)
Phyllis and Leonard Attman GP'11 (S)
Victoria Austin-Smith '73 (B)
Martha Hatch Balph '61 (B)
Susan Adams Bance '71 (B)
Patience Outerbridge Banister '63 (S)
Anne Baxter '66 (S)
Karl and Ayde Bergstrom P'23 (S)
Margaret-Mary and Scott Beyer P'23 (S)
Cate and Jim Biggs P'21 (B)
Grace Biggs '21 (B)
J. Brooks Binau F/S (B)
Sandra Bissell GP'21, GP'22 (S)
Marjorie Bliss F/S (S)
Mandie Boardman F/S (S)
Joanne Bolonda P'22 (S)
Charlotte T. Bordeaux '56 (S)
Natalia Boumatar '20 (S)
Andrea Strickland Bourne '91 (B)
Ellie Bowen '17 (B)
Meg Bowen '19 (B)
Melissa Mavar Brashier '01 (B)
Marina Utgoff Braswell '71 (S)
Nicoll Cadwalader Brinley '65 (B)
Sarah Merrill Prentis Brown '45 HMA
Elise Robinson Browne '54 (S)
Katherine Brush '47 (B)
Archer Burker '44 (S)
Fanchon Watkins Burnham '62 (B)
Megan Callahan F/S (B)
Lisa Hooker Campbell '78 (B)
Tracy Elizabeth Olsen Campbell '05 F/S (S)
Sarah Hopkins Carroll '05 (S)
Catherine Carruthers '91 (B)
Margaret Carruthers P'23 (B)
Virginia Carruthers P'91, GP'23 (B)
Shane Ceraul F/S (B)
Angela Supplee Chesser '68 (S)
Ethel Coggeshall '61 (B)
Marc Cole P'23 (B)
Heather Pessagno Collins '86 (S)
Deborah and Theodore Cook P'00 (S)
Jayne Corso '06 (S)
Maeve Croghan '76 (S)
Kevin Cross P'21 (B)
Sarah Ramirez Cross P'21 (B)
Mae-Anne and Arish DeGuzman P'21 (B)
Alice Bryan Dehner '64 (S)
John and Carol Devecka P'21, P'24 (B)
Phillip Dickmyer F/S (B)
Richard and Cheryl Diehl P'21 (S)
Barbara C. Donnelley '59 (S)
Harvey Doster F/S (S)
Jesse Downs F/S (S)
Norma Brawley Dugger '57 (S)
Stephanie Harrison Dunay '91 (B)
Calvine Bowen Dunnan '74 (S)
Susan Handy duPont '71 (B)
Ellen Leahy Talbott '63 HMA, P'87, P'89 and Sara Buckingham Eger '89 (S)
Mohamed Elashiry F/S (B)
Joan Ellis '74 (S)
Alexandra Epstein '06 (S)
Susan and James Eshleman P'21 (S)
Anne Esposito F/S (B)
Paula and Azim Feda P'21 (B)
Jean Brown Finney '54, GP'12 (B)
Mary Ross Reed Fisher '62 (S)
Joan FitzGerald '67 (S)
Pierce and Emlyn Flanigan P'21 (S)
Candi and Terrance Frazier P'21 (S)
Jerry Freed F/S (S)
Julianna Lowe French '92 (B)
Anja Schaffrath-Frick and Rainer Frick P'22 (S)
F. Alex and Janet Frisch P'20 (B)
Cameron Galley '18 (S)
Suzy Ganz P'14, P'17 (B)
Christina Garvan F/S (S)
Aryln Gigi Gatti P'24 (B)
Pamela Geerdes '77 (S)
Jackie Geter-Hunter F/S (S)
Eleanor Gibson '66 (B)
Shillena and Tyrone Gill P'22 (S)
Andrew and Shelly Glenn P'24 (S)
Molly Glime F/S (S)
Andrea Staunch Green '92 (S)
Jennifer and Andrew Gross P'24 (S)
Valerie Urschel Guenther '57 (B)
Dorna Hairston '77 (S)
Ellen Harvey '72 (B)
Olukorede and Folasade Hassan P'20 (B)
Rick and Stephanie Havrilla P'23 (B)
Emily Webster Heebner '54 (B)
Liz and Michael Hembling P'21 (S)
Hannah Bradley Henderson '45 (S)
Rachael Higbee F/S (S)
Alison Derby Hildreth '51 (B)
Frances Hiam Holbrook '54 (B)
Stacy and Susan Hornstein P'21 (B)
Maisie Houghton '58 (B)
Heather Ireland F/S (B)
Ellenor Buzby Jarrett '60 HMA
Elizabeth and Kenneth Johnson P'21 (B)
Kelly and John Johnson P'23 (B)
Mary Terrell Joseph '62 (S)
Amanda Schiffer Kaufmann '59 (B)
Pip and Patrick Keeble P'21 (S)
Sophie Keeble '21 (S)
Irene Keeley '87 (B)
Maude Wood Kent '72 (S)
Julia Kondakov P'23 (S)
Glen and English Koontz P'22 (B)
Karen Hodges and Howard Korn P'21 (B)
Carol Lackey '82 (B)
Magali Lamarre F/S (B)
E. Preston Lancaster P'90 (S)
Sarah Hobson Landenwitsch '72 (S)
Dorothea Beall Lankford '57 HMA
Hope Whitney Lapsley '58 (B)
Heidy Leiva F/S (B)
Wende and Michael Levitas P'11 (S)
Sheila and Jon Lewis P'22 (B)
Ellie Wright Lindemann '81 (S)
Qi Liu P'21 (B)
Lisa Valk Long '68 (S)
M. Whitney Rowe Long '65 (B)
Gregory and Amy Luke P'21 (B)
Marlene Lutz GP'21 (B)
Tyson and Grace Macdonald P'24 (S)
Hannah Malloy '20 (B)
Vivian Martin P'86 (B)
Eleanor Earle Mascheroni '73 (B)
Cameron Kock Mayer '71 (B)
Paula Mays '77 (S)
Helen Hilliard McCarty '66 (B)
Alice Reed McGuire '56 (S)
Daniel and Jennifer McGuire P'21 (B)
Elizabeth Lewis McLean '54, P'80 (B)
Alice McNamara '84 (S)
Kendra and Dimitri Merine P'21 (B)
Susan Metcalfe '86 (B)
Margaret Mithoefer '66 (B)
Jenny Mix F/S (S)
Roz Moore F/S (B)
Darrell and Corliss Muhuammad P'19 (B)
Peter Ney P'21 (B)
Camille Lewis-Fowler Nix P'21 (B)
Oluyomi and Lolade Ogunlusi P'15, P'17, P'19 (S)
Maureen and Ogochukwu Okudo P'24 (S)
Barbara Whitaker Overstreet '79 (B)
Rusty and Patty Pachilis P'21 (S)
Drew Palermo ‘18 (B)
Michael and Joy Palermo P'18, P'20 (B)
Olivia Palermo ‘20 (B)
Willie Parker F/S (B)
Weezie Pistell F/S (B)
Marilyn Potts F/S (S)
Megan Flora Quinn F/S (B)
The Right Rev. John L. Rabb (S)
Whitman Lilley Reardon '80 (B)
Robin Tunnicliff Reid '80 (B)
Priscilla Eaves Reiss '61 (S)
Charlie Rienhoff F/S (B)
Terri Rinehart P'21, P'22 (S)
Kamrie Risku F/S (B)
Brooke Reid Roberts '86 (B)
Sally Rogers '82 (B)
Anne Spaulding Rose '64 (B)
Claire Stuart Roth '70 (B)
Amanda Duffey Rutledge '55 (B)
Didem Sahin F/S (B)
Kimberly Salazar P'17 (B)
Mary Ann Salim '19 (S)
Gloria Sanders GP'21 (B)
Jean Harper Schrenkel '56 (S)
Kelsey Peterson Schulz '05 (S)
Urling Searle '78 (S)
Barclay Sharon '88 (S)
Ben Shaver F/S (S)
Jennifer Shelley F/S (B)
David Smith P'01 (S)
Paige Smith '02 (S)
Jane Sommer '61 (S)
Isobel Spink '59 (S)
Nancy Gunther Steger '55 (B)
Randy S. Stevens and Marsha Guenzler-Stevens (B&S)
Kathy Stoltzfus F/S (B)
Valeria Storms '54 (S)
Anne Stroud '63 (B)
Charlotte Pratt Sudduth '57 (B)
Lucia Hayes Swift '86 (S)
Yolanda Tanner '74 (S)
Ann and Carter Taylor P'23 (B)
Jill and Murray Taylor P'21, P'22 (S)
Susan Davies Thomas '82 (B)
Alexis Thompson '02 (S)
Nina Zaldastani Torr (B)
Lucy Townsend '73 (B)
Nanny Trippe '73, P'13 (S)
Catherine Turnbull '85, P'21 (S)
Amy Porterfield Turner '00 (B)
Erika Davis Goldsborough Turner '91 (B)
Emily Weltchek Unger '04 (S)
Abby Van Pelt '68 (S)
The Walker Family: Tristan and Rebecca P'23, P'24, Ainslee '23 & Stormey '24 (B)
Elizabeth Bright Wallace '88 (S)
Evelyn and Damian Wallace P'24 (B)
Maureen Walsh F/S (S)
Symone Welch '20 (B)
Allison Batten Wilkins '90 (B)
Norma Williams P'19 (B)
Pamela Willis-O'Reilly '91 (B)
Jamia Wilson '98 (B)
Morli Nicodemus Wilson '71 (S)
Mary Bain Windsor '87, P'20 (S)
Sabrina Wisner '91 (S)
Katharine Calhoun Wood '68 (S)
Jessica Yager F/S (S)
Tameka Young P'23 (B)
Elizabeth Bonner Frye Yount '67 (B)
Alan R. Yuspeh (B)
Barbara de Zalduondo '69 (B)
Jiongxindi "Lareina" Zhu '23 (B)