Each year, the College Counseling Department and a school nominating committee designates rising Sixes for prestigious Scholarships at colleges and universities across the country and in some cases other countries. These scholarships offer significant benefits to a student in an age where merit-based scholarships are becoming less common, and often offer awards up to the full cost of attendance, not just full tuition. Students who are most competitive for these nominations are usually high achievers in all academic areas with unweighted GPA's above 3.7 or 92, SAT scores above 1300 or ACT above 29, stellar community citizenship without disciplinary issues, and noteworthy performances in extracurriculars or other initiatives. These students are selected with confidence in representing St. Timothy's School extremely well in an international pool of highly talented nominees. 
In some instances, a form of application internally to College Counseling may be required, to have students indicate their interest in being considered for one or more of these scholarships. Speak with the Director of College Counseling for current information on the process. Following the recommended testing strategy to accomplish a SAT or ACT testing record before the end of Fives year is also an important step in a student positioning themselves for such consideration. 
The scholarships include but are not limited to(past scholarship winners indicated):
  • Morehead-Cain at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Victoria Matus, '16, former Brownie captain 
  • Jefferson Scholars at the University of Virginia - Edwina Tepper, '17, former Student Head of School
  • Danforth Scholars Program at Washington University in St. Louis 
  • Park Scholars at NC State University
  • Belk Scholarship at Davidson College
  • Bryan Scholarship for D1 athletes at Davidson College
  • Pearson Scholarship at the University of Toronto
  • Questbridge National College Match Program 
  • The New Gates Scholarship by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 
  • Ron Brown Scholars Program 
  • Park Scholars at Ithaca College for intended Communications majors 
  • Premier Scholarships at Centre College
Additionally, a number of nominations have been supported by the college counseling department when initiative driven students have found scholarships they believe they are eligible for that require nominations, and requested our consideration of nominating them. Students should give at least one month notice prior to the nomination deadline when requesting support of college counseling or notify us of their self-nomination. Examples of these scholarships include but are not limited to:
  • Robertson Scholarship at Duke University 
  • Presidential Scholarship at Villanova University
  • Torch Scholarship at Northeastern University 
  • Dean's Scholarship at Hobart & William Smith Colleges
  • UNCF STEM Scholars Program
    • Tori Matus

      Tori Matus '16, Morehead-Cain Scholar at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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