Walk around the St. Timothy’s campus and it won’t take long for you to see that we are a diverse community. And if you’re paying attention, it probably won’t take long for you to hear that we’re diverse as well – students come from 29 countries, so you’re likely to overhear a conversation or two in a language that’s different from yours, or at the very least you’re going to hear some unfamiliar accents.

But there are many layers of diversity that exist here beneath those more obvious two, and it may take some time to understand this, or to fully appreciate the richness it brings to our community. Despite what they say, great minds don’t always think alike, and engaging with people who are different from you, and giving serious thought to what they have to say, is one on the most valuable things you can do.

At St. Timothy’s we celebrate diversity for its own sake and we celebrate it for the important dimensions it adds to your education. Here you will learn about the world in a place that looks like the world -- and the world you will graduate into is an increasingly diverse one. The more able you are to understand and appreciate difference, the better equipped you will be to make your way in it.

Where do our students come from?

Chartered in 1832, St. Timothy's School is a private boarding and day school for girls in grades 9 through 12, located in Stevenson, Maryland. St. Timothy's offers the world-renowned International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (DP) for grades 11 and 12, and Middle Years Program (MYP) for grades 9 and 10.