Alumnae Reunion

The Tradition Continues with Reunion Weekend 2023
Your classmates are the heart of your St. Timothy's community, whether they live next door or thousands of miles away. We look forward to welcoming everyone back to campus to a cluster reunion and celebrating the classes ending in 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, and 8 during Reunion Weekend 2023: April 28-30, 2023.

It will truly be a grand celebration!
From a Farm-to-Table Dinner featuring ingredients from our very own Redlands Farm on Friday to the wisdom of St. Timothy's Talks and an afternoon of information sessions on Saturday, St. Timothy's Reunion Weekend will have something for every generation of alumnae! 

Registration Will Open in January - Please register Before April 14
Your $145 registration fee for Reunion Weekend includes all events, meals, and activities. The reduced registration fee for young alumnae (those who graduated between 2016 and 2022) is $45. 

Hotel Reservations
There is a block of rooms being held for St. Timothy's alumnae at the Delta Hotels Baltimore Hunt Valley, 245 Shawan Road, Hunt Valley, MD 21031. To contact the hotel and make your reservation, click here or call 844-781-7404 (and remember to mention that you are with STT!).

Reunion Weekend Vaccination & Mask Policy
All attendees are required to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19; vaccination card may be presented at registration or emailed in advance to Marilyn Potts. Face masks and social distancing are optional and will not be required on campus for Reunion Weekend, with the exception of when students are present during the Reunion Weekend Memorial Service and St. Timothy’s Talks. These protocols are subject to change as conditions warrant.

While many people have waited anxiously for Reunion Weekend to arrive, for others it may come with a deep sense of apprehension regarding COVID-19. We are fully supportive of anyone who chooses to wear a face mask or keep their distance. Whether a person chooses to wear a mask or not is entirely up to them. A person who chooses to mask may have an underlying health condition, or be caring for a vulnerable relative. Whatever decision each person makes, and whenever they choose to make it, is entirely their own and should be respected.

This community has been a model of resilience and compassion the past two years. Thank you for that. We ask that you continue to care for each other with that same measure of compassion and devotion.  Masks will be optional at all other times. These updated protocols are subject to change as conditions warrant. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Reunion Giving

Your reunion year is a special time for you to commemorate the cherished experiences and relationships from your days as a student. In honor of your reunion year, please consider a gift to the St. Timothy's Reunion Giving Campaign.
Reunion giving is a critical component of the Annual Fund. The Annual Fund helps St. Timothy’s provide resources for financial aid, faculty professional development, facility improvements, art and athletic programs and academic enrichment. The support from alumnae like you is crucial to further advance our students, our institution, and thus, our world. The class with the most participation will win the coveted Khrenbrink Bowl!

Reunion Chairs

Honorary Class Years (1941, 1942, 1945, 1946, 1947, 1950, 1951, 1952)
Class of 1955 (65 years)
Amanda Duffey Rutledge
Kathy Lee Sherbrooke

Class of 1956 (65 years)
Diana Bangs Garmey

Class of 1957 (65 years)

Class of 1960 (60 years)
Cynthia Johnson Mackay
Mary Dickerman Swann

Class of 1961 HMA (60 years)
Barbara Kimmelshue Kearns

Class of 1962 (60 years)
Wendy McCreath Argent-Belcher
Sybil MIller Hebb

Class of 1965 (55 years)

Class of 1966 (55 years)
Eleanor Gibson

Class of 1967 (55 years)

Class of 1970 (50-year Reunion Class)
Claire Roth

Class of 1970 HMA (50-year Reunion Class)
Class of 1971 (50-year Reunion Class)
Susan Handy duPont

Class of 1972 (50-year Reunion Class)
Lucy Hunter Washburne
Class of 1975 (45 years)
Tracy Porter Combs

Class of 1976 (45 years)

Class of 1977 (45 years)
Paula Mays

Class of 1980 (40 years)
Nina Koven Arnett
Whitman Lilley Reardon
Brooke Lilley Cutler

Class of 1981 (40 years)
Eleanor Wright Lindemann
Cindy Daut Love

Class of 1982 (40 years)
Holli Hallum Roach
Class of 1985 (35 years)
Shevaun Roberts Davies
Katie Turnbull
Elizabeth McMillion England

Class of 1986 (35 years)
Susan Chilton Shumate
Susan Metcalfe

Class of 1987 (35 years)
Mary Windsor

Class of 1990 (30 years)
April Dodge

Class of 1991 (30 years)
Catherine Carruthers
Mary Clay Trybus

Class of 1992 (30 years)
Conici Blount
Zoe Kontes
Class of 1995 (25 years)
Missy Fetterolf
Annette Lancaster
Marissa Bowers Waskiewicz

Class of 1996 (25 years)
Alisa Bralove-Scherr

Class of 1997 (25 years)
Lauren Wright

Class of 2000 (20 years)
Amy Porterfield Turner
Becky Chadwick Blight
Ashton Bauersfeld Fisher

Class of 2001 (20 years)
Laura Shea

Class of 2002 (20 years)
Candace Dold
Alexis Sinex Thompson

Class of 2005 (15 years)
Sarah Hopkins Carroll
Catherine Peiper
Tracy Olsen Campbell
Kelsey Peterson Schulz
Brooke Goldstein

Class of 2006 (15 years)
Jayne Corso
Charlotte Griggs

Class of 2007 (15 years)
Bridget Schultz

Class of 2010 (10 years)
Danielle Dunkley
Christina Sheffey
Georgie Chiamulera Ballew
Catherine Bogart

Class of 2011 (10 years)
Maya Day
Sierra Lindsey
Naa Adei Mante

Class of 2012 (10 years)
Greta Finney
Kate Roe
Ines Valenzuela

Class of 2015 (5 years)
Jordan Buie
Leonor Taylor Grave
Kristen Kunaniec
Kristen McLaughlin
Kateri Pelton
Kennedy Taylor

Class of 2016 (5 years)
Frazier Beall
Taylor-Marie Dobson
Tori Matus

Class of 2017 (5 years)
Liane Emmim
Zamora Gaston