Brownie-Spider Giving Goal


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Congratulations on celebrating your reunion year! Even though we can't celebrate in person until next year, it is a special time for you to commemorate the cherished experiences and relationships from your days as a student. In honor of your reunion year, please consider a gift to the 2019-20 St. Timothy's Annual Fund.
Reunion giving is a critical component of the Annual Fund. This year, our goal is to raise $280,000 from our milestone reunion classes: 1940, 1945, 1950, 1955, 1960, 1965, 1970, 1975, 1980, 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, 2005, 2010 and 2015. The class with the most participation will win the coveted Khrenbrink Bowl!
The Annual Fund helps St. Timothy’s provide resources for financial aid, faculty professional development, facility improvements, art and athletic programs and academic enrichment. The support from alumnae like you is crucial to further advance our students, our institution, and thus, our world.
Please join our community of alumnae and make your donation today. We look forward to welcoming the Classes of 0's, 1's, 5's and 6's to campus on June 4 -6, 2021. It shall be a grand celebration!

For more information, contact Mary Miller, Director of Alumnae Programs and Donor Relations at 410-486-7400, ext. 3032.

Donor Wall

Cara Aaron F/S (B)
Mary-Virginia Lindemann Adams '83 (B)
Wendy Anderson F/S (S)
Shannon Armstrong '82

Serena Koven Arnett '80 (B)
Richard Ash P'23 (B)
Georgie Ballew '10 (S)
Susan Adams Bance '71 (S)
Patience Outerbridge Banister '63 (S)
Lucy Manning Barwick '82 (S)
Christine Basham P'19 (S)

Tom Bashore P'16 (B)
Brianna Belter F/S (B)
Kate Benjamin '97 (S)
Suzy Bennett

Jessica Epsztein Best '91 (S)
Cate and Jim Biggs P'21 (B)
Sandra Bissell GP'21, '22 (S)
Muffie Bliss F/S (S)
Conici Blount '92 (S)

Mandie Boardman F/S (S)
Andrea Strickland Bourne '91 (B)
Elllie Bowen '17 (B)
Meg Bowen '19 (B)
Margaret Bridgforth '73
C. Meriwether Broaddus '79 (S)
Adele Brown '71 (S)

Cynthia Bryce GP '22 (S)

Megan Callahan F/S (S)
Tracy Campbell F/S (S)
Hui Cao P'21 (S)

Catherine Carruthers '91 (B)
Margaret Carruthers P'23 (B)
Virginia Carruthers GP'23 (B)

Shane Ceraul F/S (B)
Mary Chairs '84 (B)
Anne Chalabi '76 (B)
Binqian Chen and Moqun Zhu P'23 (B)
Betsy Buckey Clark '74 HMA (S)
Marc Cole P'23 (B)
Heather Collins '86 (S)

Sarah Bogart Cooney '08 (S)
Fannie Cracknell '49 (B)
Caroline Cross '21 (B)
Kevin Cross P'21 (B)
Sarah Cross P'21 (B)
Kirsten Pessagno Danisavich '87 (S)
Shevaun Davies '85 P'18 (B)
Arish DeGuzman P'21 (B)
Anna Van Ness De Lamater '83 (S)

Brazey de Zalduondo '69 (B)
Julia Frantzman Diaz '85 (B)
Mary Chairs '84 (B)
Rick and Cheryl Diehl P'21 (S)
Ellen Dixon '88 (B)

Wylie Doughty '63 (S)

Danielle Drago F/S (B)
Stephanie Dunay '91 (B)
Calvine Bowen Dunnan '74 (S)

Susan Handy du Pont '71 (B)
Joan Ellis '74 (S)
Elizabeth McMillion England '85 (S)
Susan Eshelman P'21 (S)
Anne Esposito F/S (B)
Greta Finney '12 (B)

Ashton Bauersfeld Fisher '00 (B)
Megan Flora F/S (B)
Candie Baptiste Frazier P'21 (S)
Annie Keeble Frazer '91 (S)
Jerry Freed F/S (S)
Jennifer Frion '91 (B)
Francis Frisch P'20 (B)
Mary Gale '84 (B)
Susan J. Ganz P'14, P'17 (B)
Christina Garvan F/S (S)
Shillena Gill P'22 (S)

Meriwether Gilmore '91 (B)

Max Greenfield and Maria Garcia Gonzalo F/S (B)
Jane Meriwether Delano Gilmore '91 (B)
Susan and David Golden P'01 (S)
Emily Green '88 (S)
Aaron R. Griffith, Jr. GP'22 (B)
Lynn Gurley P' 20 (S)

Meg Hobbie Guynn '82 (B)
Muminah Hall '93 (B)
Jennifer Harper '84 (B)
Tia Harris
Katie Harvey '17 (B)
Folasade Hassan P'20 (B)
Rick and Stephanie Havrilla P'23 (B)
Mark Hermano F/S (B)

Elizabeth Hobson '66 (S)
Hollis Hunt '03 (B)
Olivia Ibeh '20 (S)
Kyle James '79 (S)
Elizabeth Johnson P'21 (B)

Mr. and Mrs. John Johnson P'23 (B)
Anne Jones '75 (B)

Pip and Patrick Keeble P'21 (S)
Sophie Keeble '21 (S)
Grace Keeble '82 (S)
John Keeley P'87 (B)
Reenie Keeley '87
Glen Koontz P'22 (B)
Marcianne Kristof P'21 (B)

Kristen P. Kunaniec '15 (S)
Carol Lackey '82 (B)
Magali Lamarre F/S (B)
Elizabeth and Jeff Langston P'23 (S)
Coco Li '21 (B)
Bayard Linbeck '92 (B)

Ellie Wright Lindemann '81 (S)
Tiantian Liu '23 (B)
Lisa Long '68 (S)
Heather Lord '91 (S)
Amy and Gregory Luke P'21 (B)
Marlene Lutz GP'21 (B)
Catherine Lynn '60 (S)
Marianne Marquet '88 (S)

Hannah Malloy '20 (B)
Stacey and Gerald Malloy P'20 (B)

Nai Adei Mante '11 (S)
Cameron Mayer '71 (B)
George Mbagwu and Suyi Park-Mbagwu P'23 (S)
Alison Crutcher McAshan '71 (S)
Jen and Dan McGuire P'21 (B)
Elizabeth Wright McMillen '79 (S)
Jill Medina F/S (B)
Kendra and Dimitri Merine P'21 (B)
Susan Metcalfe '86 (B)
Melissa Meyer P'20
Mary Miller F/S (S)
Jennifer Mix F/S (S)
Susan Williams Monaghan '82 (B)

Madeleine Moore F/S (S)
Mary Young Moore '85 (B)

Roz Moore F/S (B)
Corliss Muhammad P'19 (B)
Peter and Melanie Ney P'21 (B)

Camille Nix P'21 (B)
Andrew O'Brien P'16 (B)
Ololade Ogunlusi P'17 (S)

Barbara Overstreet '79 (S)
Eleanor Owen '81 (B)
Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Pachilis P'21 (S)
Jennifer Paillet F/S (S)
Drew Palermo '18 (B)

Joy and Michael Palermo P'18, P'20 (B)
Olivia Palermo '20 (B)
Willie Parker F/S (B)
Cameron Payne '18 (S)
Paige Payne P'18 (S)

Louise Pistell F/S (B)
Leslie Pohlman F/S (S)
Hildy Potts '70 (S)
Juliana Quarterman '79 (S)
Marua Quintyn GP '21 (S)

Bishop John Rabb (S)
Whitman Reardon '80 (B)
Catherine Harrison-Restelli P'22 (B)
Charlie Rienhoff F/S (B)
Hunter Rieseberg P'23 (B)
Olivia Risser '19 (B)
Holli Hallum Roach '82 (B)
Kate Roe '12 (B)
Sally Rogers '82 (B)
Anne Rose '64 (B)

Claire Roth '70 (B)
Amanda Rutledge '55 (B)
Didem Sahin F/S (B)

Alysse Schiappa '22 (S)
Urling Iselin Searle '78 (S)

Ronette Slamin Seeney '09 (S)
Asmaa Shama P'22 (B)
Barclay Sharon '88 (S)
Jennifer Shelley F/S (B)
Rashida Smith P'23 (S)
Richard Spady P'17 (S)

Vanessa Kennedy Stacy "82 (S)
Jane Stahl '84 (S)
Maria Stallsmith '82 (S)
Randy S. Stevens and Marsha Guenzler-Stevens (B and S)
Kathy Stolzfus F/S (B)
Alexandra Sugarman '14 (B)
Molly Sugarman '17 (B)

Larken Sutherland '81 (S)

Mr. and Mrs. Carter Taylor P'23 (B)
Murray and Jill Taylor P'21, P'22 (S)

Susan Davies Thomas '82 (B)
Courtney Thompson '91 (S)
Tessa Trach F/S (B)
Nancy Trice P'20 (B)

Nanny Trippe '73 (S)
Mary Clay Thomas Trybus '91 P'21 (S)
Matthew Trybus P'21 (S)
Catherine Turnbull '85 P'21 (S)
Katie Turnbull '85 (S)
Amy Porterfield Turner '00 (B)
Erika Goldsborough Turner '91 (B)
Gladys Udenta P'21 (B)
Alice Wainwright '67 (B)

Jasmine Walker F/S (S)
Rebecca Walker P'23 (B)
Elizabeth Bright Wallace '88 (S)
Hallie Boyce Walsh '80 (S)
Christine Wambaa P'21 P'23 (B)
Bill Watkins F/S (B)

Robin Reinke Wilder '80 (B)
Norma Williams P'19 (B)
Pamela Willis-O'Reilly '91 (B)
Jamia Wilson '98 (B)
Michael and Mary Windsor P'20 (Mary Bain '87) (S)
Sabrina Wisner '91 (S)
Symone Welch '20 (B)
Sam Windsor '20 (S)
Sophie Wittelsberger '79 (B)
Muzi Wong F/S (B)

Lauren Wright '97 (S)
Jessica Yager F/S (S)
Tao You P'20 (B)
Tameka Young P'23 (B)

Stori Zinkhann F/S (S)

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