The campus is officially awash in brown, red, green and white. In celebration of Brownie-Spider, we invite you –our alumnae, parents, grandparents, staff, faculty and friends – to participate in our annual fund challenge. 

The #BSChallenge18 goal is to raise $40,000 for the Annual Fund and to encourage participation from the entire St. Timothy's community. Teams will receive 5 points for each gift made and 1 point for each dollar given. You may make your gift by clicking on the "Make A Gift" button on this website until 11 a.m. on November 17 – the official start time of the Brownie-Spider Game. The winning team will be announced after the game during the Closing Ceremonies.

Consider a gift in support of your team – Brownie or Spider – as the St. Timothy’s community vies to see which team will raise the most in donations and have the most participation! All funds raised will support the Annual Fund, St. Timothy’s annual giving campaign, and a vital part of the School’s finances.

$40,000 Goal

$ 61,482 Raised

Donor Wall

Anonymous (1)
Millicent Adae-Mensah P'21
Serena Arnett '80
Cher Ball P'20
Candi Baptiste
Jessica Epsztein Best '91

Cate and Jim Biggs P'21
Marjorie Bliss
Mandie Boardman
Melissa Bryce P'22
Janessa Burney P'19
Robin and David Butter P'22
Andrea Strickland Bourne '91
Ellie Bowen '17
Joanna and Taylor Bowen P'17, P'19

Cynthia Bryce GP'18
Tracy Campbell '05

Zoe Carrubba '11

Catherine Carruthers '91
Kirsten Chandler '99
Georgie Chiamulera '10
Allysia Cirka P'21
Elizabeth Buckey Clark '73 HMA
Adam Clopton
Sammy Clopton '08

Jennifer Cregar '90
Kevin Cross P'21
Deborah Daffern
Kristin Deodato
Cheryl Diehl P'21
Stephanie Dunay '91
Calvine Bowen Dunnan '74

Dale and Donette Edghill P'21
Lisa Egeli '84
Joan Ellis '74

Folasade Famodu
Greta Finney '12
Pierce and Emlyn Flanigan P'21
Laura Flores '02

Jerry Freed
Julianna Lowe French '92
Francis Frisch P'20
Jackie Geter-Hunter
Eleanor Gibson '66
Vanessa Graf '97 P'20
Lynn Gurley P'20
Hannah Henderson '45

Hollis Hunt '03
Phil and Gina Hyde P'21
Imambo Imoke P'22
Julia Ireland '75
Elizabeth Johnson P'21

Patrick and Pip Keeble P'21
Sophie Keeble '21
Reenie Keeley '87
Catherine Kim P'18
Glen Koontz P'22
Nicolas Kristof P'21
Monica and Rich Levine P'21
Magali Lamarre and Norbert Linke
Gregory and Amy Luke P'21
Marlene Lutz GP'21

Lisa Long '68

Greg and Amy Luke P'21
Carol Lackey Maher '82
Hannah Malloy '20
Kaitlyn Manley
Naa Adei Mante '11
Jennifer McGuire P'21
Gerard and Melissa Meyer P'20
Mary Miller
Jenny Mix

Mary B. Moore '85
Roz Moore
Darrell and Corliss Muhammad P'19
Moira Mumma '73
Peter and Melanie Ney P'21
Anthea Nwandu P'21
Ololade Ogunlusi P'19
Carl Pachilis P'21

Drew Palermo '18
Michael and Joy Palermo P'20
Olivia Palermo '20
Renee Palermo
Valerie Palermo

Paige Payne P'18
Louise Pistell
Leslie Pohlman
Juliana Quarterman '09
Bishop John Rabb
Whitman Reardon '80
Charles Reinhoff
Jim Risser P'19
Nicole Risser P'19
Broolke Roberts '86
Sally Rogers '82

Evan Russell
Amanda Rutledge '55
Bridget Schultz '07

Urling Searle '78
Rose Spady '17
Randy Stevens
Randy Stevens
Katie McDill Stover '91
Susan Davies Thomas '82
Courtney Thompson '91
Madison Tillman '14

Deisy Tobar P'22
Tessa Trach

Nanny Trippe '73
Katie Turnbull '85 P'21
Erika Turner '91
Pam Willis-O'Reilly '91
Gladys Udenta P'21
Sabrina Wisner '91
Ines Valenzuela '12
Lisa Van Doren P'19
James Veatch P'22
Alice Wainwright '67

Elizabeth Bright Wallace '88
Norma Williams P'19
Mike and Mary Bain Windsor '87, P'20

Leroy S. Zimmerman GP'19

Chartered in 1832, St. Timothy's School is a private boarding and day school for girls in grades 9 through 12, located in Stevenson, Maryland. St. Timothy's offers the world-renowned International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (DP) for grades 11 and 12, and Middle Years Program (MYP) for grades 9 and 10.