Reunion Giving Campaign

Reunion Giving

UPDATE: Thanks to your generosity and support, we did it--we reached our 2020-21 Reunion Giving and Annual Fund goals! We are so grateful for the community that has funded, volunteered, celebrated, and advocated for St. Timothy's School through the years. We are extremely appreciative--your support lifts us through these challenging times as we continue our work of transforming the lives of our students. Thank you!

The class with the most participation and the winner of the coveted Khrenbrink Bowl is the ... Class of 1971! Congratulations!

Congratulations on celebrating your reunion year! Even though we can't celebrate in person until the fall, it is a special time for you to commemorate the cherished experiences and relationships from your days as a student. In honor of your reunion year, please consider a gift to the 2020-21 St. Timothy's Annual Fund by June 30 -- the end of our fiscal year.
Reunion giving is a critical component of the Annual Fund. This year, our goal is to raise $250,000 from our milestone reunion classes: 1941, 1946, 1951, 1956, 1961, 1966, 1971, 1976, 1981, 1986, 1991, 1996, 2001, 2006, 2011 and 2016. The class with the most participation by June 30 will win the coveted Khrenbrink Bowl!
The Annual Fund helps St. Timothy’s provide resources for financial aid, faculty professional development, facility improvements, art and athletic programs and academic enrichment. The support from alumnae like you is crucial to further advance our students, our institution, and thus, our world.

Please join our community of alumnae and make your donation today. We look forward to welcoming the Classes of 0's, 1's, 2's, 5's, 6's, and 7's to campus on October 22-23, 2021. It shall be a grand celebration!

For more information, contact Marilyn Potts, Director of Alumnae and Constituent Relations at or 410-486-7400, ext. 3032.

Reunion Giving Goal: $250,000
Total: $257,628.11


Class of 1941
Helen Morgan Alsop

Class of 1946
Mary Lee Fahnestock Leggett
Class of 1951
Jean Johnson Gee
Vera Converse Gibbons
Katrina Hoag Hatton
Alison Derby Hildreth
Sarah Lambert Morgan
Elizabeth Labouisse Wright
Class of 1956
Charlotte Thorne Bordeaux
Joan Gardner Buchanan
Marie-Louise Pinckney Friendly
Diana Bangs Garmey
Alexandra Scott Hodge
Stephanie Van Rensselaer Koven
Alice Reed McGuire
Lynden Breed Miller
Suzanne Meagher Owen
Jean Harper Schrenkel
Penelope Epsy Tillman
Virlinda Gibson Walsh
Class of 1961
Betsey Pinckney Apple
Martha Hatch Balph
Ethel Ducey Coggeshall
Elizabeth Hutchins
Wendy Urschel Larsen
Robbin Blaine Livingston
Page Garrity Lowry
Mary Taylor Moulton
Dorothy Callaway Munson
Priscilla Eaves Reiss
Jane Hamill Sommer
Phyllis Denny Taylor
Virginia Hunton Totten

Class of 1961 HMA
Anne Cary Dyal
Barbara Kimmelshue Kearns
Class of 1966
Anne Baxter
Pamela Rich Bryan
Deborah Brown English
Priscilla Fales
Elizabeth Jacobs Frazier
Eleanor Gibson
Elizabeth Hobson
Susan Paton Liu
Helen Hilliard McCarty
Rose Boswell McLean
Margaret Mithoefer
Melinda Murray
Maria Wall Patterson
Elizabeth Steele
Mary Tilney
Anna Dickinson Warren
Hester Eggert Weeden
Class of 1971
Susan Adams Bance
Annette Cameron Blum
Marina Utgoff Braswell
Adele Brown
Sarah Davis Cassilly
Jamie Tilghman Deming
Susan Handy duPont
Ellen Gibson
Cynthia Kybal Grant
Eloise Raymond Grathwohl
Edith Clarke Harper
Elizabeth Phillips Hatch
Julia Ireland
Lucie Kinsolving
Mary Kirkpatrick
Sarah Kirkpatrick
Linda Landon
Cameron Kock Mayer
Allison Crutcher McAshan
Christy Hamilton McGraw
Dawn McGuire
Charlotte Bacon Phillips
Gale Lea Rubrecht
Diane Brown Smith
Elizabeth St. Goar
Cynthia Talbot
Randolph Anderson Trainor
Andrea Villasenor
Mary Hilliard Wilson
Maureen Nicodemus Wilson
Class of 1976
Hannah Sechrist Burns
Maeve Croghan
Emery Thompson Guder
Alida Phillips
Class of 1981
Abby Kent Flythe
Eleanor Wright Lindemann
Cynthia Daut Love
Eleanor Davenport Owen
Karen Smith
Class of 1986
Stacey Carden
Heather Pessagno Collins
Letitia Reed Hardcastle
Mary Swan Lamar
Susan Metcalfe
Brooke Reid Roberts
Lucia Hayes Swift
Class of 1991
Barbara Berman
Jessica Epstein Best
Andrea Strickland Bourne
Catherine Carruthers
Suzanne Landgren Duckett
Stephanie Dunay
Katherine Steptoe Fisher
Anne Keeble Frazer
Jennifer Boon Frion
Jane Delano Gilmore
Erika Davis Goldsborough Turner
Nancy Nicolaides Knight
Heather Lord
Cherie Hairston Newell
Megan Stancill
Katherine McDill Stover
Courtney Thompson
Mary Clay Thomas Trybus
Nicole Thompson Vereen
Pamela Willis-O’Reilly
Sabrina Wisner
Class of 1996
Suzanne Bennett
Alisa Bralove-Scherr
Michele Keeley

Class of 2001
Melissa Mavar Brashier

Class of 2006
Jayne Corso
Alexandra Epstein
Abigail Lyon

Class of 2011
Naa Adei Mante

Class of 2016
Margaret Hemp