Student Life

Residential Life

Student residences include proctored quiet hours for study and a calendar full of organized activities, such as movie and game nights, cooking classes, and yoga.
St. Timothy's residences comprise of Carter House and Heath House, each of which includes a common room with wi-fi access, a kitchen for making snacks, and laundry facilities. Our youngest students, the Threes (freshmen), all live in Heath House for their first year, as it helps facilitate friendships and closeness within the class. Additionally, some upperclassmen, known as Prefects, live in Heath to provide leadership and guidance for the younger girls.
Extended-day and short-term boarding opportunities are available at no additional cost to day students. Working parents with long hours or who may have out-of-town obligations during the academic calendar find this an especially attractive option.

A full calendar of off-campus trips, social events coordinated with local independent schools, and the activities of more than 30 student organizations—from Model UN to the STEM/Math Club—are important parts of the co-curriculum.

Weekends at St. Timothy’s are a chance to unwind; compete for your team; hop on the School van for a shopping trip to Target, Whole Foods, or Starbucks; venture into Baltimore for an Orioles game or New York City to catch a Broadway show, either on your official school-organized trips or with your friends. They are a time for rest, catching up on reading, making art, or doing anything else you love.