College Counseling

Finding the Best Fit at the Next Level
We hear it time and again—from colleges, parents, and our students themselves: The most notable takeaway from their St. Timothy’s experience is preparation. Our priority is to make the search as stress-free as possible—so that each St. Timothy’s graduate finds continued success at the college of her choice. Our college counseling staff aims to make the college application process low-stress and is driven by the single goal of helping each girl identify and find a home in the college or university that is the best match for her specific interests, goals and learning style.

THE COLLEGE COUNSELING OFFICE HOSTS 75 COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES each year, providing opportunities for students to meet with their representatives and become well-informed applicants.

SAT AND ACT PREP COURSES, COLLEGE-SEARCH TECHNOLOGY, practice admissions interviews, and guidance on writing a strong and persuasive college essay are among the many resources the counseling staff provides.

RECENTLY, ST. TIMOTHY’S STUDENTS HAVE BEEN NAMED RECIPIENTS of some of the nation’s most prestigious scholarships, including the University of Virginia’s Jefferson Scholarship, the University of North Carolina’s Morehead Scholarship, The Gates Scholarship to attend M.I.T., and an A.B.C. Scholarship to attend Davidson College.
Over the past few years, St. Timothy’s girls have been admitted
to these (and other) leading colleges and universities:

• Barnard College
• Boston College
• Brown University
• Carleton College
• Carnegie Mellon University
• College of William & Mary
• Columbia University
• Cornell University
• Davidson College
• Denison University
• Duke University
• Emory University
• Fashion Institute of Technology
• Georgetown University
• Haverford College
• Howard University
• Johns Hopkins University
• Kenyon College
• Lafayette College
• Macalester College
• Massachusetts Institute of Technology
• McGill University
• New York University
• Pennsylvania State University
• School of the Art Institute of Chicago
• Stanford University
• Tufts University
• Tulane University
• University of California, Los Angeles
• University of Georgia
• University of Michigan
• University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
• University of Richmond
• University of Virginia
• Vanderbilt University
• Wake Forest University
• Washington University in St. Louis
• Wesleyan University