Test Preparation

The college application process at St. Timothy's is extremely personalized. The SAT and ACT have varying levels of weight in each college or university’s adopted admissions practices. At St. Timothy’s, our goal is to help prepare girls to be successful in every way possible; therefore, we introduce successful strategies and a variety of practice testing experiences to enhance preparation.

There is no magic number of times one should take these tests. Signing up multiple times to take the SAT or ACT is only effective if careful time to study, practice and improve has been invested between each examination. Some students achieve the desired result after one or two examinations; others, as many as four sittings of the test. But factors that do make a difference include careful exploration of which examination may highlight a student’s strengths, as well as carefully planned timing for preparation and actual testing.

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    While the PSAT is not a college requirement it presents an invaluable opportunity for students to practice and prepare for the SAT, as it reflects the type of questions that appear on the actual test.
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  • SAT

    The SAT fulfills one of many requirements for admission to colleges that request standardized test scores from their applicants.
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  • SAT Subject Tests

    Formerly called the SAT II or Achievement Tests, each subject-specific test is an hour long.
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  • ACT

    The ACT is also a college admission test that can be taken in the place of the SAT; all colleges accept the ACT in lieu of the SAT.
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