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  • Theme:

    Democracy and Civic Responsibility
  • What You'll Explore:

    Identities and relationships
    Personal and cultural identity
    Scientific and technical innovation
  • Places To Go; Things To See:

    The Fours Winterim is designed to enhance the global contexts of the MYP, especially as it relates to identities and relationships; personal and cultural identity; and scientific and technical innovation. The two-week program will feature STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education, Health and Wellness, field trips designed to support the Fours humanities curriculum with a focus on personal and cultural identity and e-assessment familiarization modules to prepare students for the subject-specific and interdisciplinary MYP assessments in May of their fours year.

    Fours will engage in STEM education starting with small team building challenges and progress to invention-based design activities. The Fours will be placed in teams to complete one of five different STEM-related challenges. Each challenge will involve an outside campus trip, research, creative thinking, and culminate with a presentation or performance. Students will engage in activities related to robotics, computer programming, 3D print design, advanced circuitry, arts, and engineering in order to create sustainable solutions to identified problems. Students will all have the opportunity to grapple with real problems and develop an inventors mindset to solve them. The health and wellness component of winterim seeks to empower girls to make choices that promote wellness through individual assessments, group discussions, educational activities and programming. Components of wellness that are emphasized are personal problem solving, diet and nutrition, exercise, stress management, knowledge of potentially dangerous habits, understanding and maintaining healthy relationships, sexuality, attitudes and personal relationship with the environment.
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