St. Timothy's School to Host 117th Annual St. Timothy's vs. Bryn Mawr Basketball Game

When St. Timothy's hosts Bryn Mawr on Tuesday, February 5 at 5:30 p.m., it will mark the 117th meeting between the two teams, considered the longest continuous girls' high school basketball series in the country.
When Dr. James Naismith invented the game of basketball back in 1891, little did he know that two Baltimore high schools would compete against each for more than a century. The girls playing in today’s game truly are a part of a historic rivalry.

This year's game is the 117th meeting between the two schools in what is documented to be the oldest girls’ interscholastic basketball rivalry in the nation. The first game between the schools was played outside at the Garrett Estate at Montebello back on November 25, 1901. Only one year has ever been canceled due to a measles outbreak.

During that first game, the field was divided into three sections, with three players in each section. Players wore long, heavy skirts, middy blouses and black stockings to cover the ankles for modesty. There was no backboard, the ball was made of heavy leather and boys were not allowed to spectate.

This year’s game should be a fierce battle to see who keeps the coveted Silver Cup for the next year. However, each year the St. Timothy’s/Bryn Mawr game reminds us that history, tradition, and the spirit of healthy competition between two worthy rivals is an important part of sports. That inaugural game played an integral role in the birth of girls’ basketball, and for that we thank those pioneers.
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