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Students Test Classroom Knowledge in the Wider World During Winterim 2023

Halfway through each school year just before Spring Break, students participate in St. Timothy's signature Winterim Program to test what we've learned in our classrooms out in the wider world.
Winterim for the Threes features an interdisciplinary unit with focus on American Civics and the US government through five eras: Women in World War II, The Harlem Renaissance, The Great Depression, Feminism, and 1960s Anti-War protests. The unit gives students the opportunity to holistically explore the literature and arts in the above eras while learning more about the history. Students visit historic sites, government sites, and museums in Washington, DC, Gettysburg, Annapolis, and Philadelphia. The unit culminates with group presentations on a chosen era featuring a selected object, artifact, or piece of literature.

Fours Winterim includes two days for students to complete their MYP personal projects, two days to focus on Health and Wellness, and six days to explore STEM modules: Infectious Disease, Hydroponics, Circuitry and Programming with Arduino, and Robotics. The STEM portion includes presentations by architects, engineers, NASA experts, and more.

During Winterim, the Fives begin their two-year IB Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course with a two-day classroom introduction before embarking on a two-week learning immersion in Washington, DC and New York City. They experience and reflect on the process of accessing knowledge and evaluating sources through visits to think tanks, museums, symphony orchestras, ballets, films, Broadway and other theater, operas, and more. 

Last but not least, the Sixes participate in tutorials and mock exams during their two-week Winterim period. By the end, students have completed all of their IB Internal Assessments and taken their second mock exams in all subjects, in addition to the comparative study for students in IB Visual Arts, the Director's Notebook for students in IB Theatre, and the Dance Investigation for our IB Dance students. It is the perfect preparation for IB exams and the college academics to come!