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Health Services

Health Services

St. Timothy’s School is committed to the health and wellness of our entire community. This commitment is reflected in our broad range of services and our caring and dedicated staff and faculty.

The Health Center, located on the second floor of the Athletic Center, is staffed by a registered nurse, Monday through Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The nurse is available “on call” for consultation during evenings, nights, and weekends for student health needs. Parents are encouraged to discuss any health concerns regarding their daughter with the nurse.  She can be reached at 410-486-7400, ext. 3181.
  • Health Center services include:
  • Identification, assessment, planning, intervention and evaluation of student health concerns;
  • Illness and injury assessments and interventions for students, faculty and staff;
  • Medication administration;
  • Health and wellness education;
  • Short-term nursing care for boarding students
St. Timothy’s School’s Director of Advising and Counseling is available to provide services and assist students in meeting their personal and mental health needs.  More information on counseling services can be found here.

Important Notice

On April 9, 2018 the State of Maryland enacted a new regulation titled "COMAR 26.16.07 Lead in Drinking Water - Public and Nonpublic Schools." This new regulation requires drinking water in all Maryland public and nonpublic schools to have lead levels less than 20 parts per billion (ppb) and to test for lead levels before July 1, 2018.
To comply with this regulation St. Timothy's School collected water outlet samples on June 6, 2018 from all required school buildings. The samples were sent to Microbac Laboratories, Inc located at 2101 Van Deman Street, Baltimore, MD 21224 for analysis. The test results show that all drinking fountains and ice makers meet the regulation of less than 20ppb. The test results also show all sink faucets tested meet the less than 20pbb regulation except for one. This sink faucet is located on the second floor of the Art Barn and tested at 42.1ppb. This sink is not a source of drinking water, but it is used by students to wash their hands after working on art projects. 
Following the recommendations set forth by the new regulation, St. Timothy's School personnel immediately closed off the sink faucet and posted signs stating "not to use" as required. We are now taking the following actions: 
  • Thoroughly flush the sink faucet;
  • Collect water samples from the sink and the incoming water line;
  • Have samples tested again for lead levels; and
  • Replace water lines and additional fixtures if necessary to meet the regulations. 
I want to assure you that we are taking immediate actions to correct the elevated lead levels in the Art Barn sink faucet. I have attached the official letter as required by COMAR 26.16.07 that states the specific lead concentrations, the locations of the sink, our plan of action, and additional information regarding lead. This information includes how to prevent exposure at home and the health effects lead can have. Please feel free to contact me at 410-486-7400 if you have any questions or concerns.
Anne Esposito

Click here for the official letter.
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